Monday, April 28, 2008

Doll Quilt Swap 3

This is my latest quilt for my swap partner in Doll Quilt Swap 3. I'm hoping she likes it! I didn't have any modern prints like this in my stash, so Janine helped me out with a part jelly roll by Urban Chicks. The finished size is approx. 13". The pattern is a miniature version of a quilt I made for Tessa called 'Rebekah Amy' by Rosalie Quinlan. I'm really pleased with the end result, I was going for a very 'busy' look.

This is the quilt I received from Taylynnsbean. It has a real assortment of buttons, which have been used to tie the quilt together. Tessa has become quite attached to it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What a gorgeous Autumn day.

Today I had a visit from one of my quilting friends. Hi Janine!
Wow! I am in show and tell overload. First I showed her some of mine, then she showed me some of hers, and so it went. QUILTS that is .......she showed me her quilts, I showed her my quilts!!! We are both huge 1930's devotees, so there was lots of ohhing and ahhing. We compared blocks in our recent 1930's churn dash swap. She has already finished her quilt top, I was waiting for the inspiration (which I may now have found).
It felt like such a quick visit as we had so many things to fill it with. Poor Sophia and Tessa were at a loss. "What your not her to visit and play with us, you're here to play with fair!"
She also blessed me with a part jelly roll which will be perfect for my 'very interesting' Doll Quilt Swap III partner. I was at a loss with nothing in my stash and no car still to get around and peruse the shops.
Good news!!!! We will be picking up our new Sophie car tomorrow.....yay! As she was under one year old they are replacing her with a brand spanking new one. Photo's to follow.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

4 Seasons 'Spring Quilt"' Swap

And here is my Spring Quilt "1930's Butterfly" tomorrow it will wing it's way to it's new home. Yes very similar, but I did say I was glad to see 1930's lovers coming out of the woodwork!
This is on it's way to another 1930's lover, and I hope it suits her. The body of it is a triple Irish chain that I have made for myself and as a wedding quilt. It took around 80 individual printed squares for this block alone, so I may have doubled up on some prints! You will recognise my favourite butterfly in the middle (in Sophia purple).

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Look what I received!

Have a look at this little "Antique Cutie" made for me by Lori-Lyn for the Four Seasons Spring quilt swap. Pop over to her site to see how she made this on her beautiful 1920's Singer treadle machine. Amazing! The stitch on that machine is just beautiful.
Lori-Lyn also spoilt me with a cute zippered 1930's bag for the quilt and some vintage buttons and notions.
You know how I love 1930's fabrics, so, you can imagine I am just over the moon about this quilt. You will also laugh when you see my quilt for my swap partner. One thing I can say though, it's nice to see some 1930's lovers coming out of the woodwork.
I will post a picture of the added gifts and of my finished project very soon. Then it's time to start my quilt for my very interesting partner in the Doll Quilt swap.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crafting up some birthday treats!

We have had a few boys birthday parties to go to lately, so we've made a couple of bean bags, an apron and cookware for a budding chef
and to a superhero party, I made the girls these reversible capes I found here
I just changed the 'S' into a 'T' for Tessa and reduced the size slightly. They then became 'Super Sophia' and 'Terrific Tessa'. On the reverse is a Princess crown so they can be princesses if they please!
I know, I should have ironed them before the photo!!!