Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday 4 year old

Happy Birthday my big girl! Are you really 4 years old? You've grown so tall and so mature. You are a wonderful big sister. We love you my darling Sophia!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The best laid plans..

We headed off yesterday on our much anticipated trip to Newcastle to visit Auntie Dianne (my best friend for nearly 30yrs), Uncle Scott and the boys. We have been excitedly planning this trip since November, it being our first big road trip with our beautiful girls, and, their first meeting with Auntie Di's 'big boys'. Sophia has been packing & repacking her little pink case daily, with precious things to show Auntie Di. I also have been looking forward to it after a fairly shocking month including my second bout of bronchitis for the year, and, a spell in hospital with Gastro.

After much planning we decided (after a sleepless night) to head off two hours early. All seemed well with quiet roads and one sleepy Wallaby avoided in the middle of the road. After leaving the country roads a good two hours from home, and entering the Hume Highway, I decided to have a sleep before taking over my driving shift. Mistake one and two.
I awoke a couple of hours later to an almighty bang and our car veering of the road at an frightening pace!

If I was a good blogger I would have shared with you a photo of my Husbands' 9 month old Honda Jazz in purplish blue..."SophieCar"....chosen by our little girl..... sitting on the back of the tow truck with it's right front ripped off. Or, the four of us sitting on the side of the road, the girls in their p.j.s with all our possessions, waiting for someone to help us with a Hire car on Good Friday. But, I could not do that to my mortified husband. He, with the thoughts of what easily might have been.

We are all, Very Thankfully well, and returned home safely, unlike many others at this time of the year. We are thankful every day for our precious girls, and especially this morning as we awoke, entwined in each others arms, those beautiful girls sleeping between us.

And so my wonderful holiday photos, Sophia's first ice skating adventure with the boys, all these things will wait until we are ready to venture forth again........possibly by airplane.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday 2 Year Old

Guess who is two today? Happy Birthday my beautiful girl! How you have grown. You are so much like your Mummy, you like babies and dollies and kisses and cuddles. We love you so much Tessa.