Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You may have wondered where I've been! Apart from having a virus on my p.c. that would not allow me to blog, I have been pregnant with this little dot!
May I introduce to you Lucinda Grace....aka Lucy. She was born at 27.2 weeks gestation, weighing 721gms, length 33cms and head circumference 21.5 cm.
Lucy arrived on November 14 th, but wasn't due until February 11th 2010. SO far she has done amazingly well for her prematurity, but we have come out of the honeymoon period, and she gave us quite the scare today when we went to visit. Tonight she is having a blood transfusion, and hopefully this will help with a few of the problems she is having at present.
We now understand that it will be a rocky road we will be travelling over the next few months.

Our second daughter, Tessa, was also born prematurely. Tessa was born at 33.3 weeks weight 1630gms. Tessa fought hard, and is a happy healthy 3 1/2 year old now. We can see already that Lucy has some of the same stamina, but will face a few more challenges.

We are all madly in love with her