Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter Quilt. Four Seasons Quilt Swap

Well it is just about finished, only the binding and label to go, then it is off to it's new owner.
Excuse the poor quality photograph, but it is taken on my mobile phone while I await the return of my camera.
Winter was a real quandary as we could also use Christmas as our theme, there are so many options. I was going to go with the snowflake/snowman type theme, and then I thought "well this isn't really winter to me". Christmas seemed a better theme and with two little ones, I could imagine that light in the window being left on, watching for Santa.
I decided to name my Quilt 'HOPE' as this is what Christmas brings, and Winter brings the hope of regeneration in the Spring. I think you will see the star which brings,or brought hope, and the doves with their olive branches, bring the hope of peace and new life. Hope is what I have for the future and for our family.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hair Ribbons

Does anyone have a good idea or way of storing little girls hair ribbons (1/2 mtr lengths)and hair ties?

Monday, January 7, 2008

What I'm working on!

Well, I still haven't got my camera no photo's yet.

I have been busy since Xmas fulfilling swaps for the end of January.

Firstly I have completed 5 'grandmothers Fans' for a Sampler quilt swap in my patch'nquilt group. We all had to use Moda fabric 'Allspice tapestry' by Figtree Quilters, so it will be a very pretty quilt.

Secondly, one of my appliqued butterfly blocks for Elizabeth in my monthly block swap group. She is also a lover of 1930's fabrics. Fingers crossed she likes it!

Next, will be 12 churn dash blocks in 1930's fabrics to be sent off for another swap in the U.S.A.

And finally Winter in the 'Four Seasons quilt swap. I have gone through 4 different ideas/themes, but, am close to starting. I'm going to applique this one, which should be a lot easier and more enjoyable with the 2 little helpers. Hopefully, time permitting, I can also practise my hand quilting skills.

Whilst one big girl is at the beach with Nana, the other has fallen asleep in my arms, so I will sign off until next time