Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DQS4 arrived

Here is the gorgeous quilt I received today from Adds at 'The Humming Cat'
The fabric is 'Amy Butler', and it is so rich and scrumtious!
(I wish it were a full size quilt)
Adds also sent us a cute matching pin cushion,
Tessa is using it as a pillow....

Thanks Adds!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

4SQS angel quilt received

We just love this 30's applique quilt that Kate sent us today.
Kate was wonderful to make this angel quilt for me after hearing of my plight


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lion and Rhino arrive in Australia

Last week we received our "Little People" swap from the U.S.A.
Sammy and Abby sent Rhino & Lion, along with a bunch of other goodies.

Here is the fantastic scrapbook they put together of their summer travels with Lion & Rhino.
The girls just loved looking through it, and there is room for plenty more adventures!
This has been such an amazing swap for the girls to be involved in, not just learning about other cultures, but also their own!

A right of passage

Ken has been patiently waiting since Sophia's birth to take her on a go-cart.
Fathers day '08 was the big day.
Sophia is finally tall enough to go on a tandem cart!

Big girl with a big helmet

Racing the Go-cart track with Daddy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


1. My name..Jane
2. favourite meal ..spaghetti
3. year I graduated High School
4. favourite color..pink
5. celebrity crush... Jay Lai'gaia *
6. favourite drink ..coffee
7. dream holiday destination ..Wellington N.Z.
8. favourite dessert...Chocolate pudding
9. what I wanted to be when I grew up... a Mummy
10. whats most important to me...my family
11. what word describes me... one my brother use's chubby cheeks'
12.my flickr name... tessophia (this is a quilt I sent out to Lucysquilts)

* I've loved Jay since watching him on Playschool in New Zealand whilst Nannying 20 years ago

These photos are all found on flickr search, using the answer to the question. I had to laugh when I searched for the alternate last block....my pets names, I came up with two transvestites....lol.

A Day at the Beach

Oh how I wish we'd taken our camera!
Spring has sprung, and what a beautful day we choose to travel down to Frankston to pick up a patchwork pattern for Wendy from the U.S. It was around 18 -19 0c with a clear blue sky.
After finding the shop and purchasing the pattern, we headed on down to the Lifesaving club and walked along the shore. Tessa couldn't believe her eyes and was a little retisent to come near the water to begin with. Sophia and I were straight down and feet in water.
Thats when I noticed jelly fish washing up on the shore. We investigated without touching, said hello to a few dogs and babies, and then headed up to the club for coffee and cake on the balcony.
Ah! Thats the life.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

Last Sunday, we spent the day at the Zoo. As you can see the girls were amazed with what they saw. Tessa loved the Elephants, Sophia the Lions, and along with the Orangutans here is one of my favourites

The Giraffe, I love their color and beautiful markings.

We visited the Australian native animal section as they were just about to be fed. One even had a little Joey in her pouch

Before we left we headed over to the Ape section. We stood at the glass window and listened to the Zoo keeper chatting. As he did, one of the females came over the hill and straight down to Tessa to have a little look. I started snapping photos into reflective glass and scared her off, and didn't get any shots. Wish I'd just taken in the moment!
"She wanted to cuggle me" was all Tessa could say, wrapping her little arms around herself.

Pop on over to my flickr site for some more (better) photo's.