Friday, October 5, 2007

A wonderfully generous week

What a wonderfully generous week we have had, Tessa received this cute bunny and Sophia

this cheeky monkey, actually which one is the cheeky monkey? And I received

these gorgeous Vintage buttons and fantastic braid, all for doing a small favour for RicRac. Thank you so much Jodie these gifts are much appreciated, and only go to prove the power of friendship and kinship in the blog world.

And, on a day in which we remembered the 10th anniversary of my Fathers passing, I received this. It is my beautiful Four Seasons Fall Quilt all the way from Jeanette in Finland. I initially said that the quilt I received would be used by the girls for their way this is too beautiful.

Jeanette even included applique (my favourite) of an angel(her favourite), a beautiful letter and some extra quilting fabrics. My photography doesn't do the colors justice. Here is the poem which brought me to tears included on the label

I believe there are angels among us

Sent down to us from somewhere up above

They come to you and me in our darkest hours

To show us how to live

To teach us how to give

To guide us with a light of love..

Thank you Jeanette, Thank you Jodie, and I love you Dad


bigfriendlyvegan said...

you did a lovely thing for Jodie-there are alot of nice people out there! The girls are very lucky they are gorgeous the dollies that Jodie made for them,we got her monster .she is one talented,generous lady and you seem to be a nice one also!
Take care Mel!

Lisa said...

What wonderful gifts you received on such an important day for your family...I love the angel quilt, it's so peaceful!

catieann said...

oh the quilt and poem are beautiful
my dad died two years ago and I know how sad and hard it is without him.
your girls are so darling