Friday, December 7, 2007

I'm Back!

I'm back at last. heave a sigh of relief! It was like coming down from an addiction. No daily fix of all things Internet, seeing what all my blogging friends were up to e.g. where Jodie is up to in her house...what new shoes Lisa is coveting...what new crafty project Monica has made.
And for the swaps I've taken part in whilst of offline;another sisters shoebox swap, and a vintage Xmas stocking swap, photo's will be added soon. You can view what I sent Chrisi at her blog.
The girls are both well. Sophia is preparing for her kinder concert, singing lots of Christmas the shops....anywhere. She is so excited! Tessa has started to form more words, and is going through quite a growth spurt which is great. Daddy is starting a new exciting project at work, and as for me, I have joined the Kinder committee for the new year!
The girls are enjoying lots of outside play now the summer has arrived, although I can't say we are enjoying the 30'oc plus days usually it's off to the pool to cool down. We have found a fantastic wave pool not to far away that the girls just love it. I'm so proud of what confident swimmers they are becoming.
Anyway off to playgroup....promise some pictures soon


Jodie said...

HI Jane, Great to see you back and with a new look as well. Very nice. The house is struggling along but we have carpet today - yippee and now we stop until after Christmas. My next post will be my 100th giveaway so pop over and say hi on Sunday!!!

jeanette said...

Welcome back! I´ve been checking for your return. You´re more than welcome over at my blog :)))

Jane said...

On the search for a new look...I'd actally like something a bit individual. I may have to stretch my computer skills and get a little creative

Chrisi said...

So good to see you back!!

Lisa said...

Welcome Back!!!