Monday, June 16, 2008

Open Day at Eastlink

Look what fun we had today at the new Eastlink tollway open day. Tessa was pictured on the big screen, dancing away to the Big Band. We took a bus tour along one side, whilst cyclists rode/raced the other. Over 100 thousand people visited.
Here are but a few of the cyclists resting after their tour.

And off we head into the tunnels. The one on the left is named after the Opera singer Dame Nellie Melba, the Melba tunnel . The one on the right is named after the creek whose flow it disrupted, the Mullum Mullum tunnel. You can also see the fume chimney in the middle, I think its quite pretty.
The tollway will open next weekend, Daddy is very excited as it will cut about 20 minutes each way from his work travel time. And, in the other direction it will whisk us to the beach!


susan said...

how cool is that?? what a neat idea for the opening, letting people walk around in it!! is this a totally new roadway then? cute that your daughter was up on the big screen!

Jane said...
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Jane said...

totally new roadway, and it will help alot. hopefully they will be pleased to say in future years that they walked it

Liz said...

Hi Jane,

We have to leave out car on the mainland. We park it in the ferry line parking lot in the summer and in the airport parking lot in the winter (since the boats can't run when Lake Huron freezes.) Everything is done on the island by horse, on foot, or on a bicycle.

h&b said...

but tunnels scare me !!!

I can't believe they had an Open Day for a toll road.

Very cute to have your daughter on the big screen though :)

Jane said...

don't worry I checked for every emergency exit!