Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Merry Christmas to all!

After a week that started out very "Bah Humbug" on the F.I.L.'s behalf, and saw him not only cancelling his appearance at our Christmas lunch, but taking it upon himself to cancel lunch at his sisters on Sunday that we were all looking forward too. And should I add, a drive by present drop off at 10.30pm last night... tooted the horn and left the presents for hubby to bring up!!!
Memo to self.... invite F.I.L to daughters Christmas concert next year, if this is the kind of sooking we will witness.
Remind self...which one is the 4yr old????

Anyhoo, a lovely and relaxing day was had by all who attended. Children received all and more than required. And, Mummy barely slept with the thought of the mornings excitement.

"Oh My God" was heard on several occasions from the 2 year old... how many babies can one girl have ?

And the big girl is in love with her new PURPLE bike which does skids just like Daddy did when he was a boy... and, how much lip gloss can a 4yr old apply in one day ?

Wishing you and yours the most wonderful of days, and a big thanks for reading :)



Kate quilts... said...

I love this. I really, really miss having small children in the house at Christmas (though I am by no means ready for grandchildren). Lipgloss is a girl's best friend. Imogen is 20 now and still wouldn't consider herself dressed without lipgloss ~ she even refers to herself as the "glipgloss queen". LOL

Hope you all had a wonderful, lovely day, despite your FIL hiccup.

Kate quilts... said...

Proof read, Kate. Proof read.