Monday, August 27, 2007

Our Tessa

Understandably, when you begin your life like this, you parents will fret.

Saturday night was one of these occasions. Tessa went to sleep as normal after a busy day, and, at around 11.30pm awoke screaming. She did this uncontrollably for at least an hour. Now she has a cold, so I'm thinking 'Influenza A' (to those o/s readers, this is taking children's lives in Aust.). These are the times when I wish my mother was here, and able to share her wisdom. I rang 'nurse on call' and they talked me through different scenarios, and in the end I was just told to monitor her! Eventually she stopped and we all had a good nights sleep. Sophia never woke during it all.

Monday arrives and my cheeky brown eyed girl is lying giggling on my lap, and I see the source of all our trouble. . . a new tooth!


carrie said...


Ah, teething! I'm actually posting on this tomorrow (Wed.)

Sorry for the scare--hope all will be well soon!

Lisa said...

Oh, the sweetness of being a parent. :)

Not Lucy said...

That teething is tricky stuff! And painful!