Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What fun!

Today we walked to Kinda, and when we arrived we noticed they were a Mum short on duty, so we volunteered. It is wonderful to watch Sophia's freindships flourish, and to get to know the other children. We played puzzles/games/dressups, listened to music, read books, played outside, and finally made Dads gift for Fathers Day. We came home with an invitation to breakfast the saturday before Fathers Day. I know they will both love it. Needless to say Tessa also had a wonderful time, playing with the big kids/ eating dirt outside e.t.c.
I received my first postcrossings postcard today, all the way from Finland! How exciting!


Louise said...

Hi Jane, welcome to blogland and how fantastic you are doing the Autumn Quilt swap. It is by far the best way of making new friends in blogland. I am also doing kinder duty this Thursday and always really enjoy it. If you love 1930's repro fabrics, wait until you see what I bought online from the US (so much cheaper) recently. I will post about it when it arrives. I have just spent the afternoon cutting the fabrics for the train quilt and can't wait to get to the machine and start sewing. Great to make a new Melbourne blog friend.

Sue said...

Welcome to the world of bloggers. I used to love kinder duty when my girls were younger, now they've all grown-up and flown the coop.
Have to admit it gives me much more time for quilting etc