Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hair Ribbons

Does anyone have a good idea or way of storing little girls hair ribbons (1/2 mtr lengths)and hair ties?


Jodie said...

Hi Jane, there is a bucket tute over on my blog that it easy but they will just be all jumbled....
A peg bag on the back of the door?

luv Abby said...

hi there,
thanx for popping by my blog and commenting. Doesn't make me feel so weird to know there are more girls next door fans out there.... lol.
luv your blog....
luv Abby

Levin (and Emily) said...

my daughter never wanted to wear ribbons in her hair.....sigh.
but, to make it up to me, i had a son who loves to! sorry i can't help.

catieann said...

hi jane
when my three girls were young i hung a cup rack--you know the wooden ones that fold out--- on the back of their closet door. there were enough 'hooks' to hold the ribbons and pony tail holders separately.
i also made a ribbon on a curtain ring that hung beside it. When they remembered they clipped their barrettes on that. It really worked well when they kept at it.