Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter Quilt. Four Seasons Quilt Swap

Well it is just about finished, only the binding and label to go, then it is off to it's new owner.
Excuse the poor quality photograph, but it is taken on my mobile phone while I await the return of my camera.
Winter was a real quandary as we could also use Christmas as our theme, there are so many options. I was going to go with the snowflake/snowman type theme, and then I thought "well this isn't really winter to me". Christmas seemed a better theme and with two little ones, I could imagine that light in the window being left on, watching for Santa.
I decided to name my Quilt 'HOPE' as this is what Christmas brings, and Winter brings the hope of regeneration in the Spring. I think you will see the star which brings,or brought hope, and the doves with their olive branches, bring the hope of peace and new life. Hope is what I have for the future and for our family.


catieann said...

oh jane
i love the quilt. What a beautiful message! I am sure your partner will treasure it.

Jodie said...

I love the star....and the rolling pin in the corner LOL.

Jane said...

thanks the rolling pin was Sophia's touch!

Chrisi said...

That is so beautiful. And the thought and meaning to every detail makes it even more beautiful.

jeanette said...

It´s beautiful!

*carrie* said...


That is gorgeous--I recently posted that "hope" is my focus word right now. I wish I could quilt so I could swap with you! You did a great job.