Friday, August 15, 2008

Father and Daughter

Here is a pic. of my brother Tony and his daughter Leah in Sendai, Japan. Tony has lived in Sendai for nearly 10 years and Leah lives in the U.S. Leah went to live in the U.S. with her mother when she was 13months old* and apart from two very brief visits, they have not seen each other until now.
Leah is now 18 yrs old and loves Japanese culture, so she's loving her time there.
Here they are attending a Tanabata parade in traditional dress. Michi's (Tony's wife) parents gave Leah her Yakata as a gift. They have been so busy with visits to Temples, shopping, sporting events .. Sumo, Soccer e.t.c. She has also spent some time hanging out with some Japanese girls. Now they are in Tokyo for a few days before Leahs return home.
Hopefully Leah will be able to make it to Australia soon, but for now we enjoyed seeing Tony, Leah and Michi on skype a couple of times. The girls were so excited to see their one true cousin.
For me it is such a joy to see them together, words cannot describe, and are not even flowing properly as I try to tell you about their visit.

*A difficult situation to explain!

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h+b said...

How lovely - they look like old buddies .. and to see and live in Japan - wow !