Sunday, August 17, 2008

Uncle Lance's Gold Medal

On Thursday Sophia was honored to take her Uncles 'Special Olympics' gold medal to Kindergarten. He won in the national games, in Basketball, in 2006. I think she looks very proud.
The kids loved seeing the medal and all of the photos from the game. They have also been making their own medals. Sophia's said "she was good at hopscotch" and Riley "was good at digging"!


trashalou said...

How cool is that! You are related to a real live gold medal winner! I'm dead impressed.

My kids (own & borrowed) held an olympics in the garden last week, complete with opening ceremony and all. It was a hoot.

h+b said...

that's really cool !

( and i'm wondering why we're having a pyjama day at kinder now, instead of an Olympics ? )