Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Oh how I wish we'd taken our camera!
Spring has sprung, and what a beautful day we choose to travel down to Frankston to pick up a patchwork pattern for Wendy from the U.S. It was around 18 -19 0c with a clear blue sky.
After finding the shop and purchasing the pattern, we headed on down to the Lifesaving club and walked along the shore. Tessa couldn't believe her eyes and was a little retisent to come near the water to begin with. Sophia and I were straight down and feet in water.
Thats when I noticed jelly fish washing up on the shore. We investigated without touching, said hello to a few dogs and babies, and then headed up to the club for coffee and cake on the balcony.
Ah! Thats the life.

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