Wednesday, September 10, 2008


1. My name..Jane
2. favourite meal ..spaghetti
3. year I graduated High School
4. favourite
5. celebrity crush... Jay Lai'gaia *
6. favourite drink
7. dream holiday destination ..Wellington N.Z.
8. favourite dessert...Chocolate pudding
9. what I wanted to be when I grew up... a Mummy
10. whats most important to family
11. what word describes me... one my brother use's chubby cheeks' flickr name... tessophia (this is a quilt I sent out to Lucysquilts)

* I've loved Jay since watching him on Playschool in New Zealand whilst Nannying 20 years ago

These photos are all found on flickr search, using the answer to the question. I had to laugh when I searched for the alternate last pets names, I came up with two


Kerryn said...

This is so cool Jane i did something similar will have to post on my Blog.

Beth said...

what a nice meme! funny that you came up with two transvestites!