Friday, September 14, 2007

But look there's more

1. paper/cards for fun with the girls!

2.great now I can make some dishcloths!

3. yummy treats for mummy!

4. and a little self indulgence


carrie said...


Wow--you did receive a fun box from Lisa! I hope you'll post a link to this on Monday on my blog so everyone can see your goodies!

Louise said...

Wow, that looks like an amazingly generous swap package. Love the mag, love the wool - have heard the name of that a lot but never seen it. I really enjoy knitting the dishcloths - very quick!!

Re Daph's hair - yes she came out that way and the first thing the midwives said before I had even seen her was "Oh my God look at all that hair!". If I hadn't cut it, I reckon it might be half way down her back by now in a very fashionable mullet! I'm very excited about the shoes because she has taken a long time to walk finally at 21 months. Now you can't stop her!!