Thursday, April 17, 2008

4 Seasons 'Spring Quilt"' Swap

And here is my Spring Quilt "1930's Butterfly" tomorrow it will wing it's way to it's new home. Yes very similar, but I did say I was glad to see 1930's lovers coming out of the woodwork!
This is on it's way to another 1930's lover, and I hope it suits her. The body of it is a triple Irish chain that I have made for myself and as a wedding quilt. It took around 80 individual printed squares for this block alone, so I may have doubled up on some prints! You will recognise my favourite butterfly in the middle (in Sophia purple).


smiledarlin said...

That really is cute! It really says SPRING... and that butterfly is too cute. I know your person will love that quilt- if she is a 1930s lover.
I don't think I have seen many of those 1930s fabric...very nice.

Ya know- it may have been the Depression Era- but I really love the 1930's- at least the fabrics!!!

Great job...

Jodie said...

Very very springish (Is that a word).
I love all those little squares - it must have taken ages.

Christie said...

Beautiful fabric, that is the sweetest quilt.