Saturday, April 12, 2008

Look what I received!

Have a look at this little "Antique Cutie" made for me by Lori-Lyn for the Four Seasons Spring quilt swap. Pop over to her site to see how she made this on her beautiful 1920's Singer treadle machine. Amazing! The stitch on that machine is just beautiful.
Lori-Lyn also spoilt me with a cute zippered 1930's bag for the quilt and some vintage buttons and notions.
You know how I love 1930's fabrics, so, you can imagine I am just over the moon about this quilt. You will also laugh when you see my quilt for my swap partner. One thing I can say though, it's nice to see some 1930's lovers coming out of the woodwork.
I will post a picture of the added gifts and of my finished project very soon. Then it's time to start my quilt for my very interesting partner in the Doll Quilt swap.


smiledarlin said...

I have been watching to see if it arrived... I was getting nervous.
I am so glad you like it! I love this block and have been waiting to make it- so it was just perfect for you. AND for the 1930s fabrics.

I'm glad you liked the little bag also- with the goodies!! Gotta love vintage!

And YES- I love my old Singers- I have 5 machines that are older from 1912-1951 and 4 of those are treadles. I have a new Janome... but I don't like the straight stitch it makes- it's only here for the zig-zag...
I will post pic of them on my blog.

Enjoy this little sample of Spring.

Jodie said...

Oh Lori-lyn did such a great job. It is beautiful. I think I am obsessed with small quilts. Can't wait to see yours.