Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What a gorgeous Autumn day.

Today I had a visit from one of my quilting friends. Hi Janine!
Wow! I am in show and tell overload. First I showed her some of mine, then she showed me some of hers, and so it went. QUILTS that is .......she showed me her quilts, I showed her my quilts!!! We are both huge 1930's devotees, so there was lots of ohhing and ahhing. We compared blocks in our recent 1930's churn dash swap. She has already finished her quilt top, I was waiting for the inspiration (which I may now have found).
It felt like such a quick visit as we had so many things to fill it with. Poor Sophia and Tessa were at a loss. "What your not her to visit and play with us, you're here to play with Mummy.......no fair!"
She also blessed me with a part jelly roll which will be perfect for my 'very interesting' Doll Quilt Swap III partner. I was at a loss with nothing in my stash and no car still to get around and peruse the shops.
Good news!!!! We will be picking up our new Sophie car tomorrow.....yay! As she was under one year old they are replacing her with a brand spanking new one. Photo's to follow.

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